Umbrella Organisations


We are a member of the German Life Sciences Association (Verband Biologie, Biowissenschaften und Biomedizin (VBIO). This umbrella organisation for bio and life sciences supports scientific research in biodiversity and furthers systematists and taxonomists.


As a member of the German National Committee of Biology (Deutsches Nationalkomitee Biologie, DNK), we are integrated into the superordinate international societies of IUBS and IUMS (the international unions of “biological” and “microbiological sciences”).

Network Partners and Initiatives

Network-Forum for Biodiversity Research (NeFo)

The GfBS cooperates with the German Network-Forum for Biodiversity Research (NeFo, the German science-policy interface for biodiversity research) for instance, by jointly investigating the status quo of taxonomy in Germany. Under the title, “Who knows the species, who names them?”, the results of this investigation were published on the NeFo website (pdf), which was accompanied by a media release of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Science. NeFo is a communication platform for scientists and users of knowledge about biological diversity. Its aim is to increase the awareness of the value of biodiversity among policy makers and the society. More information is available on the NeFo website at:

Sister Organisations in other Countries

The Society collaborates with the following sister organisations to reach our common objectives and the GfBS occasionally organizes joint conferences with some of the organisations.


Section Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology of the German Society for Plant Sciences (Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft, DBG)


Federation of European Biological Systematic Societies: 

Systematics Association, Großbritannien:
Société Française de Systématique, Frankreich:
Swiss Systematic Society, Schweiz:
Network of Biological Systematics (NOBIS), Austria: