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Society for Biological Systematics (Gesellschaft für Biologische Systematik e. V., GfBS)

Represented by:

President Prof. Dr. Thomas Bartolomaeus, University of Bonn, Institute for Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, An der Immenburg 1, 53121 Bonn, Germany

Phone: +49 228 73 63 69

e-mail: tbartolomaeus(at)

Entry in the register of associations: Charlottenburg district court

Register court: Berlin

Register number: 95 VR 18 053 Nz

Tax number: 27/640/58951

Responsibilities for the content according to § 55 para. 2 RStV:


The managing director of the GfBS
currently: Prof. Dr. Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa


Kurator Wirbellose Tiere 1
Zoologisches Museum Hamburg
Leibniz Institut für die Analyse des Biodiversitätswandels
Martin-Luther-King-Platz 3
D - 20146 Hamburg

Newsletter of the Society

The editor of the GfBS is currently:
Prof. Dr. Ralph Schill 


Universität Stuttgart
Institut für Biomaterialien und biomolekulare Systeme
Pfaffenwaldring 57
D-70569 Stuttgart
e-mail: ralph.schill(at) 

Concept, text and image editing of the website

Dr. Esther Schwarz-Weig, Editorial Office


Please send technical questions and suggestions to webmaster [at]

References for the pictures and graphics used

The sources of the pictures on the website are named under the respective photograph.

Pictures for the cover picture were kindly provided by (Thank you very much!):

  • Lynx lynx – Dr. Alexander Kieneke  
  • Convallaria majalis – Dr. Esther Schwarz-Weig
  • Apiaceae – Dr. Esther Schwarz-Weig 
  • Crioceris duodecimpunctata – Dr. Martin Husemann 
  • filefish between Xeniidae – Prof. Dr.  Heike Wägele
  • Papilio machaon – Dr. Martin Huseman
  • Trichius zonatus – Dr.  Martin Husemann 
  • Aeonium spec. – Dr. Thibaut Messerschmidt
  • Majidae sp. – Prof. Dr. Heike Wägele
  • Anolis sagrei – Dr. Alexander Kieneke
  • Cyerce nigricans, auf ihrer Nahrung, der Alge Chlorodesmis – Prof. Dr.  Heike Wägele
  • Hatiora epiphylloides pollen – Irene Diebel
  • Asian buttercup (Ranunculus asiaticus) – Prof. Dr. Birgit Gemeinholzer
  • forget-me-not (Myosotis) and yellow garden flowers – Prof. Dr. Heike Wägele
  • Moss in close-up – Prof. Dr. Ralph O. Schill
  • Gastropod collection – State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart, Julia Bergener:
  • Hoopoe (Upupa epops) & fossil sea urchin (Microcyphus) – Dr. Christian Neumann
  • Adhesive Note (M): martinspurny

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