As a member of the GfBS you support the goals of the society. According to its statutes, it supports research in biological systematics and promotes maintaining and increasing knowledge in the field of biodiversity. Only in this way can it represent the interests of researchers and nature enthusiasts in organismic biology, taxonomy and systematics in science, the public and politics.

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Benefits as a member


Members are informed about new trends and current events in biological systematics by the Society's biannual newsletter, which all members receive in printed form free of charge.

Scientific journal

In addition, the GfBS publishes the renowned international journal Organisms, Diversity & Evolution (ODE), which appears four times a year. Full members receive both the print edition and online access to ODE, members who only pay reduced fees have online access.

Discussion forum

Members can reach all members of our society listed on our mailing list with a single e-mail. The e-mail list, run by the society’s office, serves the purpose of straightforward exchange of information and mutual support in questions of daily work, from computer programs, job advertisements, conservation recipes to the search for project partners.

Support for young scientists

The GfBS supports young scientists both ideally and financially. It awards the Bernhard Rensch Prize to outstanding young scientists in order to advance their career. The Society grants travel grants to enable participation in the Society's annual conference. The young systematists connect with each other in their own working group, the JuSys.

DFG review panels

The GfBS is authorized to propose candidates for certain review panels of the German Research Foundation (DFG). The DFG's review panels evaluate the applications for financial support of research projects and serve as a quality assurance. These are of great importance for research funding and thus for the development of scientific disciplines (see also DFG). The GfBS can nominate candidates for the following subjects:

  • Evolution and systematics of plants and fungi
  • Systematics and morphology of the animals
  • Evolution, Anthropology
  • Animal ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem research

Who are our members?

At the GfBS you will meet researchers from the disciplines of biodiversity, systematics, taxonomy, evolutionary biology, palaeontology and all those interested in organismic biology.

Currently we are about 500 members.

Membership fees

The contributions are set during the general meetings (see: Statutes) and are currently

  • 65 Euro for ordinary (personal) members
  • 30 Euro as reduced fee for students as well as doctoral candidates, members without own or with low income as well as for members from countries with lower levels of income compared to ours
  • 40 Euro for retired members
  • 170 Euro for corporate  members

The contribution is due on March 31 of each year. We request that members grant a direct debit authorization. Alternatively, each member is free to transfer the fee to the account of the GfBS.

Become a member

If you want that

  • the systematics as a core area of biodiversity research is effectively promoted
  • the position of taxonomy, phylogenetics and systematics at the junction of the various scientific disciplines is better represented
  • better perspectives for young scientists open up
  • the scientific and social significance of systematic research is better understood by the public
  • the interests of systematics are better represented at funding institutions and ministries
  • the expansion and cataloguing of scientific collections is given higher priority
  • the cooperation between universities and natural history museums in biodiversity research is intensified
  • the flow of information between colleagues in the various fields of systematics is improved

Join the GfBS so that we can achieve these goals - because: Only together we are strong!

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