GfBS Gesellschaft für Biologische Systematik

22nd Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Biologische Systematik (Society for Biological Systematics, GfBS)

The conference will take place as video conference via Zoom and is hosted by the University of Bonn and Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig

March 1-4, 2021

See details in first circular (pdf)

GfBS's board members: Marc Appelhans, Julia A. Schultz, Cathrin Pfaff, Alexander Zizka, Heike Wägele, Thomas Bartolomaeus, Dominique Zimmermann, Alexander Kieneke, Lara Dey, Martin Husemann, Peter Michalik and Fabian Deister (from left to right). Please click to enlarge.


New Presidium elected

In the course of the 21st annual conference at the Centre for Natural History (CeNak) at the University of Hamburg, the members elected new representatives of the presidium. Prof. Dr. Thomas Bartolomaeus (Bonn) took over the presidency from PD Dr. Michael Ohl, who had not stood for election again. The new Vice President is Prof. Dr. Heike Wägele (Bonn). Dr. Julia Schultz, Dr. Alexander Zizka and Fabian Deister also joined. The latter as spokespersons of the . The also elected new speakers. The previous Vice President, Dr. Dominique Zimmermann, and all other members of the Presidium were confirmed in their positions.

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